About TotalFIX

TotalFix is a modern, revolutionary dental implantology concept whereby dental implants and an immediate fixed denture are restored, meaning the patient’s entire dentition.

It addresses completely edentulous patients, who lack all their teeth on the maxillary arch or who have all their teeth compromised and need to have them extracted.

It involves the use of Euroteknika implants and special prosthetic components (Naturactis).

If the completely edentulous patient shows advanced bone resorption (melting) in the posterior region of their jaws (the back side of the mouth), the presence of sinuses on the upper jaw and of canals sheltering the mandibular nerve of the lower jaw make it impossible to insert implants in these areas without previously performing bone addition (bone graft) and sinus lifting surgery.

Bone additions are expensive and unpredictable, and they require long healing time (9 to 12 months). Besides, they are contraindicated for some patients. The TotalFix concept addresses toothless patients who do not want or cannot be subject to bone augmentation (graft) surgery, but still want an immediately fixed denture.

It involves the insertion of 4 to 6 implants on each maxillary arch when the patient has no teeth left, in a parallel position (the middle ones) and in an angled (tilted) position for posterior ones that “avoid” critical anatomical formations (sinuses and nerves). Immediately after inserting the implants, the dentist will attach the prosthetic components and secure the temporary fixed restoration. When the patient still has teeth left, but they are compromised (periodontal disease), the dentist will first perform the extractions, then insert the implant, and, in the end, secure the dental restoration.

As a conclusion, due to the TotalFix concept, a toothless patient or who has all their teeth compromised (irreclaimable) leaves the clinic with implants and temporary fixed denture on the same day. They will follow the dentist’s advice, characteristic for immediate implant – controls, hygiene, soft food diet during the first three months after the surgery. The temporary restoration will be replaced with a final restoration, also secured by screwing, 6 months after the surgery. Depending on the patient’s aesthetic needs, the final restoration can be made of metal and composite, metal and porcelain, entirely of zirconium or zirconium and porcelain. Social and professional reintegration takes place rapidly (maximum 48 hours) and no one will suspect you are using a dental restoration. You will be able to smile, eat and sleep with a new and fixed denture!

There is no pain, and complications are minimal in the hands of experienced teams. That is why we recommend you to visit the “authorised dentists" section on this site, to see the list of dentists who have attended advanced lectures for the "TotalFix" concept in one of our European centres (France, Germany, Great Britain or Romania – CPID Bucharest).